Customer Contract, Terms, and Conditions

As all businesses have the fine print, Ours is a contract of sorts for what you need to expect from us and what we expect from our customers in return. In this document you’ll find not only the expectations and terms but also how to fix common items we see go wrong and care for garments.

Common Care Items

Shirt Variance from Manufacturers

Please be aware all apparel is manufactured with a variance. This variance is listed on the size chart provided by each manufacturer and is traditionally is 1 inch on either side of the stated size given. An example of this is if the width is 29 inches and the length is 30 inches. The garment’s measurements could either be 28, 29, or 30 inches in width by 29, 30, or 31 inches in length due to the variance given by most manufacturers. Please see the specific size chart from the manufacture for the measurements and variances for the style when ordering. If any doubt on the size, ask us or order up. We do not replace if there is an error in size ordered as we go with what is provided to us for the sizes.

Screen Printed Shirts

This apparel type can be laundered the same as the tag on the shirt says. If you lay the shirt out with an already washed shirt that fits and lay it out over the new shirt to see if it is close to the same size. If it is, please launder in cold water only and line dry to maintain size. If placed in the dryer the garment will shrink smaller than desired.

HTV Shirts including printed vinyl

Vinyl shirts need to be laundered in cold water inside out with free and clear detergent or equivalent. Do not use fabric softeners in the washer or dryer cycle. If the shirt size is close to one of your regular sized shirts, please line dry. The dryer will cause a shirt that is borderline small to shrink smaller than desired. See shirt variance from manufacturers for why this happens. If the shirt is accidentally laundered incorrectly and the vinyl lifts or wrinkles due to improper wear or stretching, please cover with parchment paper and run an iron on the spot without steam at a medium heat for 5-10 seconds at a time with firm pressure. Check at each press until the spot holds firm.

Do not use nail polish remover, acetone, mineral spirits, xylene, or other solvents near a shirt decorated with HTV or screen print as this can ruin the design. Always take precautions when handling these materials with your shirts.

Self Installation Items

Decal Installation


Decals must be applied when the weather is above 55º F for a continuous 24 hour period or the adhesive might not have a chance to fully bond. This is per vinyl manufacture’s specification of their product.

On Vehicle Glass

1. Clean the glass area with isopropyl alcohol and wipe dry with a lint free cloth like micro fiber cloth.

1.b. If there is sap or other surface contaminant remove this with a razor blade and wipe again until removed.

1.c. If there is pitting or a chip/crack in the glass, repair before installing the decal as the adhering will not work as well.

2. Center the decal over the desired area.

3. Burnish the decal and peel the backing from the clear front on a flat surface.

3.a. If decal does not lift smoothly. Use a hard card like a driver’s license or credit card on the backing to push on the backing and rub across the entire surface.

3.b. Peel backing and fold over on side.

4. Press firmly down and rub from one side smoothly to the other with the driver’s license or credit card to smooth air bubbles out of the decal.

5. Once you have reached the side you have folded over, pull the backing out slowly while smoothing it down to the surface.

6. Once you have smoothed the entire decal down and removed all air bubbles, slowly remove the clear carrier sheet from the top side of the decal. Peel it back by folding it back doubling onto itself. It should release smoothly with very little effort.

For installation on vehicle’s paint

1. Clean vehicle’s surface from wax and road debris using dawn or another mild surfactant/degreaser. Do not use a built in wax product or a shine product.

2. Use a clay bar or clay bar 2.0 to remove all surface contaminants to ensure anything that will prevent adhesion is removed. Wet area down and wipe with lint free micro fiber cloth to dry. We only recommend using isopropyl alcohol on clear coat paint to remove sap if a clay bar doesn’t remove it to prevent damaging the clear coat if there’s imperfections. A clay bar is intended to remove imperfections of the paint without damaging it and remove wax build up. We do not want anything sitting between the clear coat surface and the decal preventing a good adhesion. Likewise if anything other than a lint free towel is used to dry the surface once the clay bar and water is done, this will cause problems with the adhesion and void any warranties with the decal manufacturing.

3. Center the decal over the desired area.

4. Burnish the decal and peel the backing from the clear front on a flat surface.

4.a. If decal does not lift smoothly. Use a hard card like a driver’s license or credit card on the backing to push on the backing and rub across the entire surface.

4.b. Peel backing and fold over on side.

5. Press firmly down and rub from one side smoothly to the other with the driver’s license or credit card to smooth air bubbles out of the decal.

6. Once you have reached the side you have folded over, pull the backing out slowly while smoothing it down to the surface.

7. Once you have smoothed the entire decal down and removed all air bubbles, slowly remove the clear carrier sheet from the top side of the decal. Peel it back by folding it back doubling onto itself. It should release smoothly with very little effort.

Warning for glass and paint vehicle installs: Do NOT pressure wash directly onto the decal either at the edges or the main section of a decal. The blast of the water can cause the adhesive to lift which will force the decal to start release along the edges. This will cause the edge of the decal to look like it has an area where it is lifting. Sometimes there might not be any debris picked up in it and sometime there will be after the fact it is highly dependent upon how much pressure the unit does, time it was allowed to dwell on the decal, and how close the pressure washer wand was located to the decal.

On Acrylic

1. Determine acrylic’s shape and absolute size unless trimming to size.

2. Use x-acto knife to peel protective covering from the acrylic on one side.

3. Gently peel the decal from it’s sheet and center it to the acrylic.

4. From center out, smooth the decal onto the acrylic blank first with a thumb then using a felt covered squeegee to remove all air bubbles.

5. Repeat with opposite side.

6. Trim if desired.


Vinyl banners can be ordered with grommets or pole slots. They may also be ordered with wind slits. To install on poles, these can have caps placed on them, remove the cap on one side, insert the main pole into the slot and replace cap at the end. If grommets are used, zip ties, twine, rope, bungee cord, etc can be used to secure these to a wide variety of options. Poles should be securely fastened. Please be aware of weather forecasts for the best longevity of the signage. We recommend taking all banners down in any wind excess of 15 miles per hour (mph) unless wind slits have been placed. If the material has wind slits, 25 mph can be sustained. All banners should be temporarily removed if wind gusts are expected or severe weather is expected.

Warranties on all self installation items are void if the installation instructions are not followed. Please see the individual self installation sections for warnings if there are specifics for the product that must be followed or cleaning that must be completed.

Quotes, Estimates, and Proposals

All quotes, estimates, and proposals expire after 7 days and are subject to change upon review of submitted artwork as the complexity of the design has changed from the verbal or sight unseen artwork previously explained to us has been modified. We will make every effort to try to keep the cost comparable or modify the artwork to meet the previous quote if we can, however we will explain the difference if an increase is warranted.

We pass along our savings to our customers and from time to time the discounts change at our supplier and as such our quote prices must reflect that change. Further as inventory availability changes rapidly, final garments do drive the final prices.

Screen Printing Setup Fees and Artwork Fees Explained

Artwork base fee ($29.00), sometimes billed as “art”, “art new”,  or “art screen” is for completed artwork that is the process to make art from what is supplied to us ready to a usable format for the process we are using in shop for the decorational method required in the resolution necessary for the best result possible from the supplied art. If this method includes screen printed, this includes the complementary rental of one (1) screen rental and one (1) ink color. Additional screen rental and additional ink colors are an additional cost not included with this fee. This fee does NOT constitute a release of our Intellectual Property of original designs we have designed for you unless a Copyright release has been signed and provided. This is a negotiated fee and will be listed separately as “copyright release” on your invoice. This art fee includes the time and manpower it takes to format the art into the correct file format we need for our printer to print the positive correctly, film costs, ink, photopolymer emulsion costs, and the time to do each step. Additional screen rentals are $10.00 per screen. Additional ink color cost depend upon the ink color desired. Specialty inks and premium inks are a higher cost than stock inks. Shimmer, glitter, and flourescent inks are examples of specialty and premium inks. Screen fees are for the rental and preparation of the screen for a single design for the particular print job. Payment of the screen fee and artwork base fee does not constitute the purchase of a screen or Intellectual Property unless noted on the invoice itself and a signed release of all intellectual property rights is provided. No exception is made to our intellectual property rights.
Artwork changes will apply if art is deemed not print ready. Print ready art needs to be in the correct file format and correct resolution requirement for printing purposes. Please see our Artwork Requirements to ensure there is not an artwork change fee assessed. Artwork changes start at $50.00 per hour and are billed per the quarter hour (15 minute increments) with a minimum of $25.00 or one half hour charged to start.
Custom artwork is billed at $50.00 per hour with a minimum of 1 hour billed then broken down into 15 minute increments. Custom art work or changes to current artwork is quoted up front to ensure there are no surprises in the creation process and we ask these customers to please email or call us at
(402) 510-0330 to start your order. Intellectual Property release is negotiated separately for art custom designed.

Print location information, Ink Choices, and Apparel Choices

We offer multiple locations to print on each and every item. All given dimensions are in width by height standards. Standard sizing for front or back of chest is approximately 13″ x 12″ for most adult sizes. Youth and adult smalls are recommended at 10″x 10″ maximum. Left or right chest 4″ x 5″. Sleeves and legs/arms 2″ x 12″. Each additional location of the same art which either resizes the art or moves the screen for placement is $10.00 each per setup. Color changes are $20.00 each. We do offer some alternative print locations, however these are custom and have no specific standard measurements. Examples of these include printing artwork around a shirt’s collar, the hip edge of the shirt, side prints, etc.
All dark colored shirts require a white layer to allow the ink colors on top to show their proper colors. All dark colored shirts are priced as if there is one more color in the artwork. A good example of this is an American Flag on Navy Blue. The American Flag uses National Red, White, and Royal / Flag Blue. When printed on a shirt, there is an extra white layer under the red and the blue print of the flag as well acting as a base. Then Red, Blue, and White are printed on top of the base. If that same American Flag was printed on a tan shirt, the base white would not be necessary and only the top Red, White, and Blue would be printed. All artwork is similar where it might need the base layer and we will inform you up front how many colors your art is for printing.
We offer many products beyond what are listed on our website. As we offer multiple methods of personalization and customization, we draw from thousands of sources. If you do not see what you want printed, please contact us at and we will work with you on a custom quote. Some items that are not 100% cotton require additional preparation and will incur an additional fee per item. Likewise with some of the sublimation items that are special order do take a little more time to arrive and do have additional fees per item.
We have many ink colors beyond the basics. We have all standard colors as well as shimmer inks to choose from for your artwork. Do not hesitate to contact us for specifics on our ink colors and what we have available for you. We use manufactures such as Wilflex, Union, One Stroke, and Triangle inks as well as some lesser known manufacturers to provide quality prints.

Customer Supplied Items for Printing

We do not accept customer supplied items for printing for our retail and wholesale customers.


We offer embroidery services! We embroider a multitude of different apparel and items every day. Applique, hats, stockings, and more. Please contact us with your artwork so we may best quote you on your order.

Color Accuracy

Due to variances in computer monitors and mobile phones along with printing on substrates and printers, colors in the artwork proof or mock up may not be true to the finished product. This holds true even more so when artwork is provided in any format other than a vectored spot separated one with Pantone colors selected. We ask that all art be submitted in the following format for the best color accuracy: illustrator (.ai) or encapsulated post script (.eps). If these are not available then 300 DPI PNG saved in CMYK is next acceptable. Jpg format will color shift and compress files causing lines on even the smallest artwork. Big colors that color shift are ones in between such as orange, teal, turquoise, purple, and brown. Depending on where the provided image measures, it might appear fine on screen and print either more green on one substrate and more blue on another for teal and turquoise. Or for purple it might shift to a red or a blue instead.
This holds true even more so when a design must have colors reduced to comply with our current capabilities. We can currently print 5 separate colors on a dark colored shirt or 6 on a light colored shirt for screen printing. If your design has more than this amount, it will be reduced down to the capabilities we have which means loss of detail and some color if you’re having enough shirts printed for screen printing. We will make every effort to match your colors on a given design, however, cannot guarantee this as it is the nature of the work for screen printing. If your design is more than this amount of colors, we might suggest a digital print instead to ensure shifting is kept to a minimum. We will require at least one reference PMS color or RGB code with its reference ICC profile selected when last printed so we may accurately match with the closest within our options.
For sublimation, color accuracy depends greatly on the supplied file. We require high resolution graphics and make sure we know any potential color accuracy issues (reds, greens, blues are the big ones in compressed files).
If you desire a specific color match, please specify the color by providing either a physical sample or listing a corresponding Pantone Ink Colors (PMS color) for all colors in your design on your purchase order. Additional color matching fees apply and start at $100.00.

Print Proof

If your artwork requires specific color accuracy, we encourage you to have a printed proof made in advance as this is industry standard. For this, we charge your screen fees as a separate charge than your job and will keep the screens, if they are approved, until your job is ran. If having to move from screen printing to a different garment decorations method, be advised that your quoted price will change and you will be presented with a new amount as each decorational method has their own costs associated with them along with different garment costs.
We do not do test prints on press then wait for clients to correct the changes unless billing for the downtime incurred as a result. This is why we encourage print proofs instead as test proofs right before a run slow down production and incur more costs to our clients in the long run.

Copyright and Ownership

In accordance with Copyright laws, a design is the property of the designer. All drawings, artwork files, color separations, films, screens, proofs, and other visual presentation materials supplied by Self Made Industries shall remain the property of Self Made Industries and may be shown in printed or online portfolios for the length of the lifetime of the artist. Final artwork and concepts may not be given to other artists to alter, reproduce, or post online in any way without the expressed written permission of Self Made Industries. Finished artwork files supplied by the business (customer) retain ownership by the business (customer) rather than a single individual. Reprints can be ordered by anyone at said business (customer) at any time. Trademarked artwork must have a written release from the trademark owner for printing. We copyright and trademark check all artwork supplied to us to ensure intellectual property rights are preserved. We will ask for a signed release to print.
Intellectual property release example:
I, ___________ (intellectual property holder [their name and what name it is held/registered under]), give permission to ______________ (our customer) to have ____________ (art title/identifiable information about art) printed at a 3rd party printing company in the limited scope of printing ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ (name the scope be it shirts, mugs, mousepads, posters, etc) for the duration of ___________________________ (timeframe allowed).


We require payment in full up front in order to start work of ordering and printing. As we deliver/call for pickup/ship orders as soon as they’re ready to go, we want to make your experience as seamless as possible. Keeping that in mind, we send an invoice via PayPal and have several methods of acceptable payment in order to facilitate fast turn around. Please let us know how you would like to receive your order and we will make sure all the appropriate information is on the invoice including any directions for delivery. We accept cash, PayPal, and credit cards (American Express, Discover, Master Card, Visa, and most debit cards). We do not accept checks.

Contract  Screen Printing and Embroidery

We offer contract printing and embroidery, please email us at for current pricing. Turn around time for contract printing and embroidery is the same as below. Rush fees apply if needed in less than our standard turn around time.


We strive not to require minimums within our shop, however, to provide the best service and manage time wisely, we must limit certain functions to larger orders. For orders with 4 or more colors, we require 24 product minimum per design. We do try to offer multiple options to best fit every budget at any level of order.

Turnaround Time

We strive to have the product in your hands as soon as possible. If you have a hard date you need the product by, please email us as an additional charge for rush orders does apply if it is within 14 days or overnighting of garments is required. You must approve the art mock ups prior to us printing which starts the 14 day clock. This can be accomplished via email or in person. Rush orders may be subject to a upcharge. Please contact us for specifics with your order. Most of our orders under 500 pieces are completed and turned around within 3 business days baring shortages at suppliers or other events out of our hands.
Larger orders may require longer time to produce. Please contact us for exact turn around time on larger orders above 100 pieces.

Drop Dead Dates

We define a drop dead date as the date the order needs completed to have it ready to ship. Example is your event is the first Saturday in March. We will not commit to it with a ship date on the last Thursday of February as there is not enough time to order in large amounts of garments and print them. For these types of orders, we request at least 1 week advance notice prior to the event but prefer at least 2 to make sure we can accommodate your needs.
We cannot guarantee any place on the schedule without having artwork approved, final garments picked out, and invoice received and paid. We will place your order tentatively on the schedule in anticipation of a confirmed order but the slot will only be held for 48 hours before putting a different job into the slot if the steps above are not completed.

Order Shipment and Receipt – For Shipped Orders Only

We ship orders by the best method to get them to you in the quickest amount of time. The carriers we use include United States Postal Service, UPS, FedEx, and a regional carrier for the upper midwest called Speedee Delivery. We also have pickup and delivery available in the Omaha metro area. We do not guarantee delivery dates as these are up to the shipper and ultimately their delivery schedule. We will give solutions for delivery to meet the need, however, we will not guarantee delivery when it is left up to a 3rd party delivery. The only guarantee is when it is delivered in person. Even USPS Express, which is ‘guaranteed’ by USPS, is not guaranteed by us to arrive on a specific date and will be treated as an estimate and not a guarantee because USPS has not been treating it as a hard delivery date for the last 4 years including scanning the item late on acceptance to ensure extra time. We do not deviate from our carriers above. We do not accept 3rd party couriers for our customers’ protection and our own as PayPal requires a trackable and reliable delivery service.
Orders are shipped together in bulk packaging with like sizes together even if they come in from an organization labeled as 2 shirts for individual A, 3 for individual B, etc unless prior arrangements have been made for our individual bagging service. If individual bagging, packaging, tagging, sorting, labeling, etc are desired, please contact us for a quote of this service.
We encourage you to check the quantity and quality of your order immediately. If there are any issues with the order, we need to know within 24 hours for delivered items in order to provide an accurate solution. Self Made Industries will not be held responsible for problems with your order including missing, color, or quality issues past the 24 hour deadline.  All sales are final as these are custom orders requiring artwork approval before a job enters production and all orders are counted at multiple steps throughout production including key points of production including: receiving shipment, prior to printing, as soon as they are printed, and prior to packaging.

Orders Picked Up / Delivered In Person

Orders delivered in person or picked up will have the opportunity to be counted at the time of pickup or delivery. Same as our shipped orders, these have a rigorous quality control and are not mixed with any other order. They are counted when the order is received, as they are laid out to print, as they are printed, as they come through our dryer, and again as they are packed for pickup/delivery. In total depending on the print locations, a shirt with 1-2 print locations will be counted 5-6 times minimum during the process.

Order Cancellations and Refunds

If you need to cancel your order, refund amounts are determined based on the status of the order’s production. Refunds may be subject to applicable return shipping and/or restocking fee. Due to the nature of our  business, if your order is a customized work then you will be subject to at a minimum 50% non-refundable deposit for work and material if you chose to cancel at anytime prior to picking up your completed order. If you cancel after your order is completed, you will be responsible for any time and materials unable to be recouped. If the refund is due to a quality or workmanship issue, please contact us within 24 hours from pickup/delivery so we may address the complaint promptly.

Sales Tax

We are located in Bellevue, NE. Any orders in the state of Nebraska, regardless of delivery method, will have 7.0% sales tax added. Orders shipped to outside of Nebraska do not have sales tax added. Businesses wishing to be exempt from sales tax must provide a Nebraska Department of Revenue Form 13. There are no exceptions to this.

Plastisol Transfers

As is the nature of Plastisol Transfers, we will only print the art in the size it is sent to us unless explicitly specified otherwise. No Exceptions. Further, each white is two layers to ensure the most opaqueness possible for the transfer unless otherwise specified. There will be no refunds, exchanges, or returns for errors due to quality based upon mis-sizing of the art as we open the files and print directly from what vectored file is provided.
Refunds will not be provided for user error in application. Please check your heat press for pressure weak spots as well as cold spots. Your heat press needs to be able to sustain a temperature of 365º F for these to work and peel as soon as the pressure is released. The heat press should be checked every day before being operated for optimal use.
We do pull samples at multiple times during production and do replace transfers that have issues if we can reproduce the same issues. We also work with all of our customers who have problems with transfers, sometimes not even our own, to ensure the right information is provided to them rather than generic wrong information is given. All other issues will be addressed as they come appropriately.
All transfers are shipped via Priority mail. We offer UPS as an option as well with specific pricing when offered. USPS and UPS both offer an estimated date of arrival but these are not guaranteed.
Please see the section titled  “Order Shipment and Receipt – For Shipped Orders Only” regarding shipment guarantees. We might upgrade a shipment to Priority Express or UPS at our discretion, however, this is not an extension of any sort of guarantee of delivery date. We do this as a courtesy for some larger orders. Our Plastisol transfers are 1-5 business day turnaround and are hot split (high heat) transfers. These are a little more difficult to master pressing on initial learning but have a better quality of product once mastered. We provide a video of how to peel your specific transfer every time we have an order from a new customer. Repeat customers can request a new video if desired.

Ethical Standards

Self Made Industries reserves the right to refuse service. All artwork is subject to review. We do check artwork for ownership, copyright, and trademark. Please provide all licensing at initial ordering for a smooth transaction. Licensing release can be sent to Please see Copyright and Ownership section for a sample release if no standardized one has been provided.

Indemnification and Privacy

You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless Self Made Industries from and against any and all claims, damages, costs and expenses, including attorneys’ fees, arising from or related to your use of our services. You also certify that you own the rights to or have a license to use the image(s) being imprinted as part of your order. If you hold a license, you will provide said license when ordering. If you do not provide the license at the time of ordering, you do understand this will hold up your order until you do provide the copy of your applicable license.
Self Made Industries is committed to protecting your privacy. We hate spammers and third party cold calls as much as the next person. As such, we will not sell or disclose any information that identifies you to a third party without your prior approval. We may use the information we collect to periodically notify you about a new service or special offers we think you will find of value. If you would rather not receive this information, you may email us at with “Unsubscribe” in the subject line. Self Made Industries does not sell, trade, or rent your personal information to others.

Shop Holidays

Self Made Industries tries to afford all employees regular time off to balance their work and life. These holidays are not working days for us and are excluded from all turnaround time, drop dead dates, and rush order processing. Be aware some holidays that fall on a weekend date are observed on Friday/Monday.


  • New Year’s Day – January 2nd
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day January 16th
  • Washington’s Birthday / Presidents’ Day – February 20th
  • Arbor Day – April 28th
  • Memorial Day – May 29th
  • Juneteenth – 19th
  • Independence Day – July 4th
  • Anniversary – August 12th
  • Labor Day – September 4th
  • Columbus Day / Indigenous Peoples’ Day – October 9th
  • Veterans Day – November 10th
  • Thanksgiving Day and Friday after – November 23rd-24th
  • Christmas Break – December 23rd – January 2nd

Other days we may close or close early include:

Bellevue West’s Cross Country meets, home football games, marching band competitions, winter arts competitions, and community events. We highly encourage supporting our athletes and arts at both BPS schools and will try to make every effort to be there for both schools if possible. We also have children who compete in USATF club Cross Country and Track which might have downtime from time to time as well. We will strive to have notices up on our Facebook and Twitter feeds at least 12 hours prior to any early closings as much of these events are scheduled months in advance. We encourage the community to support their local school districts and kids as these students have persevered despite all changes thrown at them and are still excelling in their chosen activities.
To alleviate the downtime during the support of our community and school district, we are available to reach by text at (402) 510-0330, email at, and facebook messenger which is also attached to the chat option on this site for your convenience. We offer appointments in our shop rather than strictly a walk in service to allow full production days and scheduling our time to the fullest capacity. Please reach out to us in one of the manners above so we may help you with your custom needs.
* Self Made Industries Customer Agreement, Policies, Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice. By using our service, you agree to follow the terms set forth on this website regardless if you ordered online, by email, text, or phone. *